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Barrett Engineering provides forensic analysis based on
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Understanding what went wrong in a motor vehicle crash or industrial accident is essential to preparing your trial strategy and proving your case. In many if not most accidents, working with an expert can be an essential part of that process. At Barrett Engineering, we are licensed, professional engineers, offering our services to industries, governmental agencies, insurance companies, attorneys and individuals, to help them understand the technical aspects of their case, prepare for trial and provide legal expert testimony as needed.

Why claims adjusters and law firms nationwide choose Barrett Engineering

Some companies offer their services at a low cost, but they have neither the education nor the experience to perform a valuable service to the client. Other companies have well-regarded experts to testify in court, but they send out young and inexperienced non-professionals to conduct the investigation. At Barrett Engineering, we offer the right combination of academic credentials and field experience to deliver high-quality, outstanding results. Our licensed, professional Ph.D. engineers are the ones who are getting under the truck or climbing into the burned-out building, and we are the same ones testifying at your deposition or trial. Our clients benefit as well from our large engineering library, well-equipped laboratories, and our ability to travel to accident locations on short notice.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our engineers, the services we offer and the laboratory equipment we have at our disposal. If you are presently dealing with a personal injury or property damage civil claim, call Barrett Engineering as soon as possible after the accident, so that we can begin our investigation and get to work helping you build your case.

We're Accident Investigation

Engineering Analysis for Vehicle Accidents:

Automobile, Truck, Motorcycle, Industrial
Vehicles, Train, Airplane Plus Fires, Explosions,
and other Industrial Accidents.

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Expert Witness Services

This company's engineers, Dr. Rolin F. Barrett, Sr. and Dr. Rolin F. Barrett, Jr.,
earned Ph.D.'s in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University
and are licensed professional engineers.

Dr. Rolin F. Barrett

Consulting Engineer

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Dr. Rolin F. Barrett, Jr.

Consulting Engineer

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