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Motor Vehicle and Industrial Accident Engineering Experts

Since 1977, Barrett Engineering has provided forensic analysis, consultation and expert testimony in nearly 4,000 cases, including almost 2,000 vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as nearly 200 cases involving agricultural equipment, airplanes, off-road recreational vehicles and boats. We have the capability and experience to download and analyze airbag control modules and truck trip recording data (black boxes). Additionally, we have analyzed over 1,000 fires for causes and origins, as well as possible equipment malfunctions or violations of codes and standards.

Our engineers, Dr. Rolin F., Barrett, Sr. and Dr. Rolin F. Barrett, Jr. both earned Ph.D.’s in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University are licensed professional engineers. Rolin Sr. founded Barrett Engineering in 1977 and has nearly 40 years of experience as a consulting engineer. Rolin Jr. joined the firm in 1986 and has engaged in the reconstruction of motor vehicle and industrial equipment accidents for 30 years. Click here to learn more about the extensive background, credentials and experience of our firm’s engineers.

Industrial Accident Experts

Our work involving industrial accidents has spanned the spectrum of occupations and industries across the U.S., including construction, textiles, plastic molding, woodworking, food processing and welding. We have investigated accidents involving conveyors, forklifts and other types of industrial trucks, elevators and automatic doors, and have determined questions of guarding and on-site safety adequacy in the factory setting. Our experience in construction accidents has included analysis of construction equipment capabilities from ladders to earth movers.

Our other engineering analyses have included violent propulsion of bottle stoppers, building damage possibly resulting from military ordinance and commercial blasting, electrical shock accidents following contact with power lines or various types of equipment, malfunctions of compressed gas cylinders, incidents related to the slip resistance of various walking surfaces, and failures of hoist mechanisms, chain, and wire rope. We have a modern and well-equipped laboratory for conducting testing of nearly any type of accident imaginable.

Call Barrett Engineering for Analysis, Consulting and Expert Testimony in Your Personal Injury or Property Damage Case

If you are a claims adjuster or represent an insurance company or government agency, or if you are an attorney dealing with a motor vehicle or industrial accident needing help determining issues of causation and liability, call Barrett Engineering at 919-624-2800. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, we serve clients nationwide, providing forensic analysis, accident reconstruction and expert testimony to help you settle, litigate and win your case.

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